As  the family of Fund's volunteers grows every day, we decided to organize a club "SuperGrandchildren" to communicate with all volunteers of the project and announce all open meetings and reports on them.

The foundation can not do everything by itself, and help can be not only financial.

In the family of SuperGrandchildren, every person has his own mission, because SuperGrandchildren are both volunteers and restaurants, that feed our  Happy Lunch visitors, and partners who conduct interesting master classes, lectures and sports classes and many more. SuperGranchildren - are people who make lives  of our pensioners brighter and better.

Today Fund unites more than 700 volunteers.

The foundation also needs cars for delivering different things to pensioners.  So if you have a car and a couple of hours of free time - you can be our AutoGrandchild.

Most recently, we created the first in Ukraine platform SuperOnuki, on which  every person can register a campaign to raise funds to help elderly people.

With this platform we can now help not only pensioners of Kiev, but also  elderly people from other cities.

We are sure, that together we will be able to make the life of pensioners all over the country better and happier.

Now it has become much easier to help: any person can register his project on for a specific pensioner, describe his history and what he needs or make a donation to a certain pensioner.

You can become a Supergrandchildren with the following link:

or fill the form at our website

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