Happy Lunch// Care Packages

Happy lunch - the flagship project of the CO "Lifelover", was launched one of the first ones. It all started with a folding table, 1 can of borsch and pies, which on March 10, 2017, the founders of the foundation with a team of volunteers treated lifelovers. Today it is already 13 points of distribution of hot lunches working daily.

The mission of the project is to unite local communities to help people of the third age. In other words, this is one of the easiest and funniest ways to treat a grandmother from your yard with lunch.

There are already more than 90 restaurants and logistic partner Uklon in our family of partners. And the community of SuperGrandchildren, who volunteer in the project, has about 1,500 people. Thanks to this synergy of efforts, we manage to distribute 30,000 hot meals per month.

We will always be glad to see in the family of SuperGrandchildren:

Restaurants - cooking nutritious soups and \ or main courses.

SuperGrandchildren - to distribute food and help in the daily functioning of the Happy lunch points, to disseminate ads, informing people in the needy area.

Socially active business, philanthropists - help with the equipment of the Happy lunch point (thermoses for transportation of food, pots for tea, etc.), as well as the monthly purchase of plastic utensils.

Transport partner and AutoGrandchildren - food transportation from restaurants to the Happy lunch point.

Our goal is distribution points in every district of Kiev.

Let's do it together!

Addresses of Happy lunch points:

  • Happy Lunch Solomenka operates every day from 13:00 except Thursday (on the avenue between houses 4 and 5 along the boulevard of Ivan Lepse)
  • Happy Lunch Obolon works every day from 13:00, except for Sunday (DreamTown 2, exit from the side of metro station “Minskaya”)
  • Happy Lunch Podil runs every day from 13:00 except Saturdays (in a park between the Nyzhniy Val 23 and the Verkhniy Val 24)
  • Happy Lunch Svyatoshino runs every day from 13:00, except for Friday (street Chistyakovskaya, 7)
  • Happy Lunch Troyeshchina runs every day from 13:00, except Saturday (a wooden house near the building at the address of Boulevard Bykova 4)
  • Happy Lunch Voskresensky District every day from 13:00, except Sunday (near the Department of Social Security at 7 Kurnatovskogo st.)
  •  Happy Lunch Darnitsa operates every day from 13:00, except Saturdays ( at the entrance to the park at the intersection of Popudrenko and Truda street )
  • Happy Lunch Goloseevo runs every day from 13:00, except Friday ( Goloseevsky prospekt 116, near Zagreb cinema)
  • Happy Lunch Pechersk is open every day from 13:00, except Sunday (crossing of Bastionna str. (10) and K. Belokur street (1))
  • Happy Lunch Dorogozhychi is open every day from 13:00, except Saturday ( Olenu Teligu Str 29)
  • Happy Lunch Rusanivka is open every day from 13:00, except Sunday ( at the end of Rusanivska quay)
  • Happy Lunch Povitroflotskiy  is open every day from 13:00, except Tuesday ( crossroad of Surikova 3 and Povitroflotskiy avenue 24)
  • Happy Lunch Kharkivskyi is open every day from 13:00, except Saturday ( between houses 27 and 29 on Revutskogo Street)


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