Beavers of Goodness

"Beavers of Goodness" is a project of the Enjoying Life Foundation, which appeared in early 2022.

It was conceived as a bridge between Lifelovers, who need "good", and those who can share it. By "good" we mean material things - products, equipment, medical devices, as well as what cannot be touched - medical examinations, leisure activities for lifelovers, lectures, and much more.

With the start of russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the Beavers of Goodness, as well as the Enjoying Life Foundation as a whole, expanded their activities. Now the "Beavers" help not only senior people but also everyone who suffered from the war.

Within the "Beavers" project framework, there is a volunteer chat "Hello, neighbor". There we connect lonely seniors, who need help, and volunteers ready to provide it.

Also, "Beavers of Goodness" is engaged in targeted assistance to lonely elderly people, organize sports and excursions for them - so that they can escape from the war. "Beavers" do not forget about others either: they organize excursions for the children of internally displaced persons, and they help animal shelters with food. "Beavers of Goodness" is always open to new partnerships with those who want to help in any direction.

If you want to share “good” – write to project managers Natalya Leontieva at and Alena Bondareva at Also, follow the stories with the Beavers of Goodness logo on the Lifelover Facebook page - maybe you can help.

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