TARGETED assistance

Targeted assistance is our most soulful and contact project. In the framework of "Targeted assistance", our SuperGrandchildren become for single and low-income retirees relatives, whom they do not have. After all, there no foreign grandma’s. We meet with complex stories face to face, but this is not a reason to be sad, but a real opportunity to help a particular person.

Every month we spend about 120 000 UAH for medicines and this helps only 150 people. The number of wards in targeted care is growing daily and therefore we will be happy to see new clinics and pharmacies in the family of our medical partners. Most of the stories of our charges relate to health, there are also needs to improve living conditions, clothing, and footwear. And sometimes our lifelovers just dream. For example, about a bicycle or a balloon flight.

Our main tool for targeted assistance is the platform. On the platform, you can create your project in honor of your birthday or wedding, or you can transfer funds to an existing campaign. The same important help will be sharing information about the campaign on your pages in social networks and among friends. More details can be found here.


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