Worklover is the youngest project of the charity fund "Lifelover"

We believe in the relevance of third age and the fact that the experience, that our pensioners have,  can be useful in modern companies.

Lifelovers not only want to learn something new, but many of them can share their experience and knowledge /skills with others.

Therefore, for them we made a project #workerlovers, where we will collect actual vacancies for elderly people and their resumes, to help companies find their lifelover in staff.

We conceived these internships, which would show both to young employers and pensioners that they can perfectly cooperate together and give a unique result.

We hope that very soon we will create a social trend and more people on pension will be able to learn new interesting professions.

So if you are a pensioner and want to work, or if your parents or Grandma and Grandpa are happy to work, write to us an email to with subject line "I'm Worklover"

Companies that would like to employ elderly people, can also contact us through email with subject line " Vacancy for Worklovers"

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