Animal Food for pet friends from Germany


Horses, goats, sheep, squirrels, rabbits, birds and many other animals tamed by people were threatened during the war. Where to get food for them? How to treat? How do you generally keep animals that you used to see only in the wild? Many stories of animals affected by the war have passed through us in the Lifelover. Here are two horses in the Hydropark, which miraculously found hay in winter. Here are homeless cats and dogs looking for any food in besieged March Kyiv. Here are Ba and De, accustomed to feeding all the cats in their yard and also calling from neighbors, and now they were sharing their little dinner with them all.

Here are the amazing animals from Mezhyhirya - deer, swans, whoever is not there. Here are the horses that live at the Hippodrome and at Osokorki. Cognacs, in which the owners were, but with the outbreak of war they left the country. And also birds, guinea pigs, hamsters, and many other living creatures living next to us. None of these animals was left alone, abandoned to the mercy of fate. Loving people helped everyone, and now we are constantly looking for food for all of them.

We are grateful to Connie Welke, Daniel Welke, and Stella Kirtadze, who donated food for all these animals from Germany.

And also to those who stay here in Ukraine with animals and feed and care for them.

All animals received food with a supply of a month. We hope that by this time we will have new food for them. So, if you have ideas and options on how you can get food for different animals, even if they are iguanas or giraffes, write to us. We will find local Ukrainian giraffes and iguanas, whose pantries are already running out of supplies, and we will gladly organize replenishment for them.