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Fuel for the victory



918 600 UAH

That is how much money we spent to refuel convoys for evacuating people and delivering humanitarian aid to liberated from occupation towns and hot spots. We've made 130 evacuation buses, saving 4106 people. We can't even count the number of humanitarian aid deliveries, we decided to do it after the victory!

We really need your support, together we can do much more good things. In a couple of clicks, you can help us evacuate ukrainians and deliver food, medicines and hygiene products to those who are left 1 on 1 with trouble.

To continue doing all this we really need fuel!

We refuel volunteers' cars, humanitarian vehicles, and evacuation vehicles.

We manage on our own as we can, but we really need the help of SuperGrandchildren.

Pay for 10 liters of fuel (380 UAH - 10 liters), and it can save someone's life.



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