About us

Charitable foundation “Lifelover” creates opportunities for people of third age.

With us, you can get a hot lunch and medicines for free, study English or practice Argentine tango, make new friends, travel, get the help you need and be more useful.

The most important opportunity that the foundation creates is to live here and now, fully and joyfully, not be afraid of time and be an active part of the modern world.


The Foundation was founded in 2013 by Garik Korogodsky and Tina Mykhaylovskaya, as the first Ukrainian charity project of support and comprehensive development for people of the third age. Today, “Lifelover” is a social trend, an active volunteer community of SuperGrandchildren and a comprehensive, diverse partnership that changes people's lives.


Providing basic needs.

In the framework of the “Happy lunch” project, we daily provide hot lunch to thousands of pensioners. Catering facilities are located in every district of Kiev. Also, life-lovers receive medicines, medical, household and social assistance in the framework of the project "Targeted Assistance".

Thanks to the online platform Superonuki.com , anyone can help to life-lover throughout Ukraine by organizing a fundraiser in honor of their memorable dates or donating the necessary time, resource or money to someone.

The connection of generations. Our community of SuperGrandchildren has hundreds of active young people who share our values. For distribution of dinners often come families. In the summer, we create an internship for schoolchildren "Lifelover TEAM". Summer, spent in this school, completely changes the attitude of teenagers to elderly people. We have fun with the Grandma and Grandpa, and the skill of care comes by itself.

We have created first in Ukraine agency of adult models “Lifelover”, the main goal of which is to inspire active generation and the life-lovers themselves, to popularize the image of a beautiful and advanced person at any age.

Socialization and integration into the modern world. The project of our foundation "RE-Gym" is a cure for loneliness. Every day there are educational, sport and recreational activities for elderly people. The entire warm season of the year works the first in Ukraine hub for retirees, the Cinema Garden “Lifelover”. Opened the program of employment of people 50+ “Worklover”.


If you are ready to share your time, knowledge or other resources with joy, send us an email: hello@happyold.com.ua. For each business, philanthropist, and volunteer, we create an individual interaction format. We will be glad to see you in our family of SuperGrandchildren!

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